"I felt like I could actually share my opinions in a safe, constructive learning space without feeling like disagreeing with others could cause conflict like it probably would in the staff room"

I think they are taking a lot more notice of what people are saying and responding a lot more appropriately … rather than just putting on their own comments just for the sake of passing … they’re actually taking note of what people are writing and adding their own thoughts"

Helped me to focus and refine my responses. Most polite online forum I've ever participated in. Made it okay to challenge others’ perspectives in an educational manner "

The FOLD website focuses on fostering asynchronous online discussion in higher education. The site includes strategies for engaging students in online forums and is targeted at tertiary educators who strive to promote the kinds of discussion that enhance student learning outcomes and experiences. This resource is intended to complement, rather than replace, other resources available.

The Guide to Asynchronous Online Discussion in Higher Education (the ‘Guide’) has been developed and trialed across institutions and disciplines from 2013 to 2016 and is underpinned by social constructivist pedagogy and sound learning and language theories.

We include insights from students and lecturers on their experiences of using the strategies outlined in the Guide, and also a series of lecturer vignettes created from interviews.

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Contact us for further information: fold-HE@uow.edu.au

The Guide

Articulates a set of principles for fostering online discussion in higher education, based on theory, the literature and evidence from postgraduate and undergraduate flexibly delivered courses.

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Student Perspectives

Here we present students’ perspectives on their experience of online discussion, in which the teacher used the Guide.

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Lecturer Vignettes

These vignettes capture the essence of how the FOLD strategies have influenced lecturers’ experiences of facilitating online discussion.

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The resources in this section are the literature used to inform the Guide as well as presentations made by the Project Team. These will be added to as we continue to disseminate.

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